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In addition to standard items Furnace Technologies has developed a variety of custom heat treatment equipment. Past projects include large scale batch processing furnaces, carburizing furnaces and specialised glass kilns for use in 3D glass printing. Call or email with your specific requirements to find out if we can develop the right equipment for your process. 

Bail Out Furnace

Furnace Technologies Bail Out Furnace is a low cost smelting furnace which can feature either manual or automatic operation. We also supply the A5-A50 crucibles and tools for this furnace as well as consumable items such as refractories and pre-cast reline kits to keep down-time to a minimum.


Bogie Furnace

Furnace Technologies Bogie Hearth Furnaces are suited for the heat treatment of large loads in multiple configurations. These furnaces operate at up to 1300°C and can be custom designed to suit a wide range of applications.


Cupellation Furnace

Furnace Technologies cupellation furnaces have been designed for the laboratory cupellation process used to assay precious metals. The features of our cupellation furnaces include variable speed control and preheated air flow into the cupellation chamber.  These furnaces can be made to any size or configuration. Our cupellation furnaces are part of our extensive range of fire assay equipment and we sell a number of tools, consumables and protective gear. We also supply muffles and offer reline and repair services.