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Ceramic Parts


We supply a wide range of ceramic anchors and element supports to suit almost any application. If we do not have what you need as part of our standard selection of ceramic rods and tubes, nuts, cuplocks and anchors we can obtain it from a trusted supplier or may be able to custom design and manufacture the right part for your requirements.

Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Products


Furnace Technologies supplies a range of quality ceramic fibre products for superior refractory and thermal insulation. Our ceramic fibre blanket, board, paper, modules and textiles each come in a number of variations allowing us to supply the best insulation option for your purpose.


Cements, Coats and Mouldables


Furnace Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of refractory products to extend the lifespan of furnace linings, metal alloy parts and moulds subjected to the harsh conditions produced during the heat treatment process. From coats and sealants which protect and insulate various surfaces exposed to high temperatures and chemical reactions in the furnace to durable cements and adhesives to repair fine joints and secure insulation we have you covered.  


Kiln Shelves and Props


Furnace Technologies supplies a wide range of standard kiln shelves in 13, 20 and 25mm thicknesses and standard square and round props allowing you to configure the inside of your kiln to suit your firing requirements. Our on-site cutting facility also enables us to cut shelves and props for custom applications.