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Furnace Technologies products are designed and built in Perth, Western Australia at our Jandakot facility or sourced from suppliers with a reputation for quality.  

Heat Treatment Equipment

At Furnace Technologies we sell an extensive range of heating equipment for various applications. Our products are used for processes such as smelting, fire assay, laboratory and industrial heat treatment, batch processing, sample drying and ceramics firing including glass and pottery. While the majority of our furnaces, kilns and industrial and laboratory ovens are designed by us and manufactured at our factory in Perth, we also sell a selection of high quality SNOL furnaces and ovens for laboratory and industrial applications. In addition we have introduced Van Tuyl kilns to our range as a new budget-friendly option particularly suited to hobbyists. From gold rooms and laboratories in large scale mining and mineral processing operations and industrial factories and workshops to the home pottery studio or school art classroom we are confident that we can supply the right heat treatment solution for your requirements.

Furnace Technologies Fusion Furnace
Furnace Technologes Laboratory Hot Plate
SNOL Chamber Oven 750C
Furnace Technologies Electric Kiln
Van Tuyl Kiln VTFL-520
Van Tuyl Logo
Furnace Technologies Calcine Oven
SNOL Chamber Furnace Fibre Insulated LSF

Accessories and Tools

We manufacture tools and accessories to complement our furnaces, kilns and heat treatment ovens, aiming to provide complete systems for a smooth and efficient process. From racks and stands to fire assay multi-pour systems and process emission management we are committed to supplying the equipment you need for best results. For gold rooms requirements we have a comprehensive list of smelting and fire assay tools, trolleys and accessories for our furnaces as well as related equipment such as flux mixers, afterburners and vent hoods. 
Furnace Technologies Crucible Tong
Furnace Technologies Smelting Furnace with Smelting Accessories
Furnace Technologies Fire Assay Pot Loader
Furnace Technologies Afterburner
Furnace Technologies Flux Mixer


Furnace Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of consumable items including protective clothing, fire assay pouring molds, fluxes, crucibles and cupels and durable smelting crucibles and bullion molds. Find what you need to keep your laboratory and gold room stocked and running smoothly.
Fire Assay Cupels
Silicon Carbide Crucibles
Heat Resistant Gloves

Refractory Products & Materials

Our range of refractory materials ensures any lining, and insulation requirements of your furnace, heat treatment oven, or kiln interior can be met. Bricks, ceramic fiber and various refractory coats and cements are available as are pre-cast parts such as muffle shells, smelting furnace reline kits and pouring spouts. Furnace Technologies can also kiln shelves and props to furnish the interior of your kiln and have cutting facilities on site enabling us to supply custom shelves to configure your kiln exactly as you need it for optimum firing of your ceramic wares.
Ceramic Anchors
Kiln Shelves
Ceramic Fibre Blanket
Furnace Technologies A100 Cast Panels
Furnace Technologies Aflam CCD Mould Coating
Refractory Bricks
Furnace Technologies Refractory Pan Mixer


We sell spare parts for our heating equipment including burners, burner tips, thermocouples and electrical components. We also supply a range of Type K and Type R thermocouples and elements, many of which we manufacture ourselves. Wire wound and strip elements can be made to order for kilns and furnaces made by other manufacturers. Additionally,  Furnace Technologies also offers a range of control system options to allow for the precision control of your heating process with data logging now available for more advanced processes.
Furnace Technologies Wire Wound Elements
Furnace Technologies Type K Thermocouple
TAIE Technologies PFY700 PID Controller
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