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Fire Assay Consumables


Furnace Technologies can supply everything required to undertake the fire assay process and stock your laboratory. Both fire assay crucibles or ‘pots’ and our range of high-quality cupels are available in a number of different standard sizes. Non-standard sizes can also be obtained on request. The necessary fluxes used to undertake the fire assay process are also supplied by us and can be mixed to your requirements or are offered as standard premixes.


Smelting Consumables


We source and supply high quality consumable products for the smelting process including silicon carbide crucibles, cascade moulds and pre-cast tilt furnace linings. Side-pour bullion moulds are available in graphite and a come in a number of standard sizes but we can also design custom moulds for your set-up. Our pre-cast furnace linings are manufactured onsite and offer more efficient relining of your smelting furnace when compared to brick linings ensuring down time in the gold room is kept to a minimum.


Protective Clothing


Furnace Technologies is able to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) required for working with various heat treatment processes and heating equipment. Our range of protective clothing includes everything from hard hats, visors and hoods down to leggings and over boots to shield personnel from high temperature environments and hot surfaces.

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