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Fire Assay Tools


Furnace Technologies manufactures a large selection of Fire Assay Tools for safe and precise handling of samples during the assaying process. Our specialised range includes standard Plate Tongs and Pot Tongs for positioning individual crucibles and cupels as well as Cupel Forks and Multi Pour Tools for efficiently transferring and pouring multiple pots simultaneously. Our tools can be customised to accommodate different pot sizes and furnace configurations ensuring smooth running of your mineral processing laboratory. Contact us with your requirements.

Fire Assay

Multi Pour System


Furnace Technologies has designed a range of trolleys and accessories to optimise and streamline the fire assay process allowing you to implement a complete multi pour system. Trolleys and stands are available for preparing pots and fluxes, pouring and safe hot pot storage and cooling. We also manufacture Auto Loaders to optimise furnace load and unload times. Our standard trolleys complement our range of Fusion Furnaces and Cupellation Furnaces and we can also manufacture to suit existing equipment of any furnace design, height and configuration. Set up a mineral processing lab that runs like clockwork with this system.


Fire Assay Flux Mixer


Furnace Technologies manufactures fully electronic flux mixers in a number of pot configurations or can custom design one to fit into an existing set-up. Our flux mixers can be programmed to achieve various spin/tumble cycles to suit your requirements.


Smelting Tools and Accessories


We manufacture cascade tables, loading platforms, slag buckets and spill trays  for smelting furnaces providing a complete and compact system for the smelting process. Our Crucible Lifting Tool also allows large A100 - A300 crucibles to be lifted out of confined spaces. 

Furnace Technologies Afterburner



Also known as a thermal oxidizer, afterburners are connected to the extraction or flue system of a piece of equipment to break down odours and organic chemicals produced as a result of the heat treatment process. We can design and manufacture afterburners to suit almost any application, let us know what you need.

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