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We additionally source and supply main components for all our heating equipment including burners and burner tips, blowers and electrical components. 



Furnace Technologies can supply replacement elements for all of its furnaces and kilns as well as those from most other manufacturers on the market. We make both wire wound and strip heating elements in a wide array of sizes and configurations and also supply Molybdenum Disilicate (Mosi2) elements.


Thermocouple Parts & Accessories


We source a variety of thermocouple parts and accessories to produce Type K and Type R thermocouples to suit various requirements. With a selection of thermocouple heads, surface temperature probes, thermocouple extension wire, terminals and connectors available we can configure the optimal temperature sensor for your process combining accurate temperature measurement and the durability to withstand firing conditions.




Our furnaces, kilns and ovens are offered with a select range of high quality controllers. Our standard PID controllers provide precision control of firing process and ample patterns and stages for complicated firing procedures. We have also developed a standard PLC controller for our pottery kilns that offers a more user friendly interface ideal for the school environment. Custom PLC control for more specialised industrial processes or for those requiring additional functionality such as data logging can also be programmed by us.

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