Furnace Technologies can design furnaces and heating equipment to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Our Team has many years experience designing, building and using furnaces and heating equipment.


Call and discuss your requirements and one of our team will gladly help to bring your concept to reality.      


Once a design has been developed, the equipment is then manufactured and tested by our team of trained fabricators and technicians to move the design from concept to reality. Once both the customer and the design team at Furnace Technologies are completely happy with the end result, the equipment is installed onsite. 

Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time, based on sound industry knowledge and many years of experience. There is always a solution.



For many years, Furnace Technologies have been working with companies to design and implement heating processes throughout a variety of different industries.

By working closely with our clients and by drawing on years of experience, the team has developed innovative processes using newly designed or adapting existing equipment.


We have also worked with some of Australia's leading Research Organisations to help scientists experiment, research and develop new processes, technologies and equipment for industry throughout Australia and the world.