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A proudly West Australian company since 1994.

Furnace Technologies Logo

Furnace Technologies began as a manufacturer of pottery kilns for schools and studios in Western Australia in 1994. Since then we have developed into a major supplier of furnaces, dryers, ovens and related tools for a range of industries. Our products are purchased for use in mining and mineral processing, engineering, manufacturing, laboratories and educational institutes and are shipped to customers throughout Australia and internationally to companies around the world. 

Furnace Technologies customers around the world

Our designs and product range are informed and shaped by over 25 years of industry experience while our compact team has more than 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing furnace systems and processes. Each project is considered from multiple perspectives to generate innovative solutions based upon sound conceptual knowledge and practices. We are intimately aware of the design and manufacturing process of each piece of equipment we produce and systematically refine and update our designs and processes to improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of our products. 

Furnace Technologies, Jandakot in Perth WA
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