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Armature Oven


Furnace Technologies’ custom Armature Oven is designed to thermally treat the armatures of large industrial motors, a crucial stage in the refurbishment process. Hot air from the electrically powered heater box is circulated to the armature to melt the old resin while the commutator is submerged in a water cooling tank to allow it to withstand the process undamaged. Our most recent Armature Oven was designed to be compact and operate with a limited power supply, a testament to our innovative approach to designing tailored heat treatment solutions. What are your design requirements?

Calcine Oven


We manufactures standard or custom designed Calcine Ovens for drying and processing precious metals before they undergo smelting. A popular item which we have shipped to mining operations across Australia and overseas, our Calcine Ovens feature a unique Venturi system design not found on other models on the market which provides excellent conditions for rapid calcination. 


Industrial Heat Treatment Oven


Furnace Technologies can custom design and build large scale industrial ovens to service the needs of the hospitality and commercial food industry, laboratory heat treatment, engineering and protective coating industries, and many others. We can design ovens with fixed racks or roll in roll out trolleys to suit your purpose and have a number of optional features on offer to provide you with exactly what you need for your process. Let us know what you require.

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